Comic Art for Phonograph and Record Ads





1947 Tommy Dorsey, RCA Victor Records











1947 Vaughn Monroe, RCA Victor Records








1938 Benny Goodman, Nelson Eddy, Tommy Dorsey, Victor Records and RCA Victor Record Player



"Sylvia" from Nelson Eddy's new album, 1938



A Phonograph! No Wonder! 1938




1940's Wheaties and Admiral Radio-Phonograph Contest




1940's Post Cereals





Motorola, The Saturday Evening Post, October 25, 1941






1948 Post's Raisin Bran and Children's Favorite Stories on Your Own Record Albums!




1948 Post Raisin Bran and 6 Story Albums in the Set!




1940 - Send 2 Post Toasties Box Tops and get Jack Jones' Phonograph Record of the trick




1968 - Kellogg's Contest - Win GE Portable Radio/Phonograph




Onkyo Turntables 1982-84