PhonoArt Picture Discs

A Gallery of Art on Phonograph Records


This gallery offers a sample of picture discs that are phonograph records with images on their playing surface.

One of the most interesting examples of picture discs are the "Vogue" picture records. The best source to learn about Vogue picture records is The Association of Picture Record Collectors (AVPRC). The following information comes from their website:

"Vogue picture records are phonograph records on the "Vogue" label which have a picture (an artist's illustration) embedded in the transparent vinyl of the record. The illustrations on each side of the record are usually related to the title of the song on that side. Many of the illustrations are mushy romantic themes (see the discography). The most common Vogue picture records are 10-inch, 78 RPM records...

Vogue picture records were produced by Sav-Way Industries of Detroit, Michigan. The first 10-inch Vogue picture record (catalog number R707) was released to the public in May 1946. Production ceased less than a year later in April 1947, with Sav-Way entering into receivership in August 1947. During this time, approximately seventy-four different 10-inch Vogue picture records were released."


R-714 Doodle Doo Doo, Art Kassel and His Orchestra, Matrix Number P21 (FP1273)


R-760 The Minute Samba, Enric Madriguera and his Orchestra Matrix Number P101


R-760 So it Goes, Enric Madriguera and his Orchestra Matrix Number P100



R-733 Blue Skies, The Hour of Charm All-Girl Orchestra Matrix Number P64 (FP1352)



R-738 Give Me All of Your Heart, Dick La Salle and his Society Orchestra Matrix Number P85, 1947 (FP1341)


R-737 Rhumba Lesson No. 1 "The Hip Movement," Paul Shahin Matrix Number P67, 1947 (FP1341)



R-738 Rhumba Lesson No. 2 "The Forward and Backward Step," Paul Shahin Matrix Number P68, 1947 (FP1341)



R-737 Rhumba Lesson No. 3 "The Square," Paul Shahin Matrix Number P69, 1947 (FP1341)


R-722 "Put That Ring On My Finger, Clyde McCoy and his Orchestra (FP1044)



"This Record Belongs To_____"

Red/Green swirl vinyl LP record by Light In The Attic Records & Distribution, LLC, LITA 145, 2016 (FP1284)