The Jukebox Man by Jacqueline K. Ogburn - Pictures by James Ransome, Dial Books for Young Readers, ISBN 0-8037-1430-0

Description from (From inside cover jacket, The Jukebox Man):

Donna drops a nickel into the jukebox and presses the buttons. With a whirr and a click the record falls into place, the lights start up, and Elvis Presley begins singing "Blue Suede Shoes." The jukebox lights flash red, yellow, and green as she dances to the beat.

Donna's grandfather, Poppaw, is a jukebox man. He has jukeboxes in dozens of diners and restaurants, fish camps and truck stops all over the state. One day Donna joins Poppaw as he makes his rounds -- changing the records and fixing the machines. And as the jukebox throws patches of light on the floor, Donna discovers a whole new world.

Jacqueline K. Ogburn's captivating story and James E. Ransome's exquisite paintings vividly capture a time when jukeboxes played the latest tunes and a young girl and her grandfather could share a special day. (From inside cover jacket, The Jukebox Man)