Fort Wallace Museum

Phonograph Sightings at Fort Wallace Museum, Kansas


Doug Boilesen 2023

The Fort Wallace Museum in Wallace, Kansas is located on the western edge of Kansas. This region is part of the High Plains with few people and small towns. Wallace's population is 45. Nine miles away is Sharon Springs, the county seat of Wallace County, population 751. The only standing remnant of the old Fort Wallace is the Fort Wallace Cemetery but a local association established the Fort Wallace Museum and it's obvious that it exists because of the work of its volunteers and their pride in this museum.

The main building is where most of its displays and smaller objects are located with four other buildings telling their own stories: the Pond Creek Stage Station, once a “home” or eating station for the Butterfield's Overland Despatch (BOD); the Sunderland-Poe Building with two Conestoga Wagons, buggies, farm implements and machinery; the Weskan Depot, an early railroad depot of the area; and the 1888 Bethany Lutheran Church.

I've listed the Fort Wallace Museum in Phonographia's list of PhonoAvenue Museums even though it only has a few phonographs.

In 2023, Jere DeBacker, a Friend of the Phonograph, donated one of his electric Victrola Credenzas (VE 8-30) to the museum so that made adding the Fort Wallace Museum to Phonographia's PhonoAvenue list personally special.

The following are my phonograph sightings at the Fort Wallace Museum along with a few other displays in the main building.

For more information visit the Fort Wallace Museum website.


Jere DeBacker presenting his Electric Victrola Credenza (VE 8-30) to the Fort Wallace Museum in 2023.

The Victrola Credenza, later called the Victrola 8-30, according to Victor expert Robert W. Baumbach "is probably the most famous of all the Orthophonic Victrolas." This machine on display is the Victrola Electric 8-30 which "contained the largest horn Victor made, and was always chosen to demonstrate the Orthophonic principles." Priced at $300 in January 1926 the AC electric motor for this Victrola 8-30 would have been an additional $35. (Baumbach, Robert W., Look for the Dog, Stationery X-Press, 1981, p. 194).

For more information about the history of the Victrola Credenza see the excellent Victor-Victrola page.


The Davenola, made by Davenport Cabinet Works, 829 West 2nd Street, Davenport, Iowa, circa 1920.


Edison Standard Phonograph with Edison Gold Moulded Records (lid hanging on wall)


Edison Home Phonograph (circa 1908) with Columbia Phonograph Company Records


Busy- Bee Phonograph (Q style) with records (no horn)


The Harmony (or similiar) Table Top Phonograph, circa 1916


Babson Bros., Chicago, Eight-panel Phonograph Horn


Unknown Maker, Combination 45 RPM Phonograph and AM Radio