Phonograph Valentine's Cards


Just for the record, for a Phonographian is there anything better on Valentine's Day than a Phonograph inspired card?

And what is that Phonographian Valentine's Day card called? A Valentinogram, of course.


"A Modern Valentine," The Edison Phonograph Monthly, February 1904






The Nebraska Blizzard, March 29, 1901






The language of Love and the Phonograph

Record me as your Valentine

For the Record You’re a big “Hit” with me

I’d like to go on “Record

The Latest Release is “I Love You”

You can Play that again – I Love You

You can put me on Record

As a matter of “Record” I’d like to go Around with you

You’re No. 1 in my Valentine Hit Parade.

Let’s make music together!




Inside this delightful 1925 card is the following verse:


When Music with its magic spell

Makes hearts light as a feather

If you will be my Valentine

We'll dance thro' life together.






I'd like to go on "RECORD", c.1950, Litho USA, Phonograph punches out in 3-D with dog sitting in front 3.75" x 6.25"






Record player and two 78 rpm record albums. Circa 1960, 4.75" x 1.75"




The Ladie's Home Journal, Feburary 1921




3D fold-down Valentine featuring Little Lulu and Tubby ©Marjorie Henderson Buell








"As a Matter of Record" this page is dedicated to Sharon.

Happy Valentines Day!


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