Rocky and Bullwinkle

Phonograph connections with Mr. Know-It All.

"And now, for the Educational part of Phonographia."



Mr. Know-It All and Owning a Hi-Fi

WATCH Rocky and Bullwinkle - Mr. Know-It All's Lecture on Owning a Hi-Fi ("How to Own a Hi-Fi on a Low Income and "IQ." (c.1960 ©Jay Ward Productions.)


Mr. Know-It All explains the amplifer dial


Mr. Know-it-All explains the pre-amplifer which amplifies the Pree.


Mr. Know-It All explains the turntable which turns the tables.


Mr. Know-It All explains the tweeter and woofer.


Mr. Know-It All plugs it in.


Mr. Know-It All explains that by turning up the volume it can also tell you the time.


"Shut that thing off -- it's 2:00 AM!

"Thank-you," says Mr. Know-It All, as he sets his watch to 2:00 AM.



Mr. Know-It All and How to Make a Hit Record

WATCH Mr. Know-It All in How to Make a Hit Record. c.1960 ©Jay Ward Productions.

After making the record you need to get the disc jockey to play your record by impressing him with the prestige of the company that made it.




"Hey look Mr. Disc Jocken' Baby, What do you say to that?"


"Only one thing to say: "SICK-EM!"



Rocky asks Mr. Know-It All if he's going to make another hit record.

"No," says Mr. Know-It All. "I'm out of the record business."

"But isn't that a record you're making there?"

"No, it's a pizza."