The JANUARY 1919 Victor Record 87297


Garibaldi's Hymn Victor Number 87297

Garibaldi's Hymn by Enrico Caruso

Victor matrix C-22260 Recorded 9/26/1918 (Courtesy DAHR)

LISTEN - Victor Red Seal Record Number 87297 (21)

Audio of this recording from the Library of Congress






To listen to Enrcio Caruso's Garibaldi's Hymn with related Caruso ephemera watch Tim Gracyk's Enrico Caruso sings "Garibaldi's Hymn" (1918) "Inno di Garibaldi" on Victor 87297







"Will Caruso thrill you?" Christmas 1918

Will the "master-magicians of music and entertainment", these "great artists sing in your home on Christmas morning?"

"The foremost artists of the world make Victrola Records exclusively." Victrola, December 1918