The Victor New Records for JANUARY 1919

Popular Culture Connections with Victor's Records released in January 1919


A customer in January 1919 who entered a phonograph shop that sold Victor Records probably saw signage about the newest records just released such as The JANUARY Victor Records are here.

As the phonograph increased in popularity at the beginning of the twentieth century more stores began selling phonographs and records. Some of the larger phonograph dealers added listening booths and rooms. But it didn't matter if there was a special listening area in a store. Shoppers were increasingly responding to phonograph advertising which asked consumers to visit a dealer and listen for themselves.

"What would you like to hear?" might be the advertisement's invitation. "Hearing is Believing -- And you can hear today at the nearest Columbia dealer's" read Columbia's Stage of the World 1916 magazine ad.

In this Phonographia gallery you can listen to any of the new releases listed on the 14" x 36" Victor New Records January 1919 broadside (below) just as if you entered a Victor store in 1919, saw the list and made a 'hearing' request.

The respective sheet music for each of these Victor Records for January 1919 is also displayed along with some related ephemera.

Other phonograph connections can also be viewed as they were seen in the January 1919 edition of phonograph industry's trade magazine The Talking Machine World.



LISTEN to any of the New Records for January 1919

The Americans Come! Sung by Reinald Werrenrath, Victor Number 45157- A (matrix B-22262) recorded 10/28/1918 (1)

I Can Always Find a Little Sunshine in the Y.M.C.A. by Lambert Murphy and Orpheus Quartet, Victor Number 45157-B (matrix B-22261) recorded 10/31/1918 (2)

A Little Birch Canoe and You sung by Olive Kline and Orpheus Quartet, Victor Number 45156-A (matrix B-22263) recorded 10/31/1918 (5)

The Bluebird by Elsie Baker, Victor Number 45156-B (matrix B-22252) recorded 9/24/1918 (6)

Dreaming of Home Sweet Home sung by Charles Harrison, Victor Number 18508-A (matrix B-22288) recorded 11/04/1918 (7)

The Rose of No Man's Dream duet by Charles Hart and Elliott Shaw, Victor Number 18508-B (matrix B-22411) recorded 11/08/1918 (8)

After You've Gone sung by Marion Harris, Victor Number 18509-A (matrix B-22160) recorded 10/18/1918 (9)

I'm Glad I Can Make You Cry by Henry Burr, Victor Number 18509-B (matrix B-22290) recorded 10/23/1918 (10)

When Tony Goes Over the Top sung by Billy Murray, Victor Number 18510-A (matrix B-22289) recorded 10/23/1918 (11)

Good Morning, Mr. Zip-Zip-Zip! by Arthur Fields and Peerless Quartet, Victor Number 18510-B (matrix B-22264) recorded 10/23/1918 (12)

Waters of Venice -- Waltz by Bernie and Baker, Victor Number 18499-A (matrix B-22072) recorded 7/26/1918 (13)

Good-Bye, Alexander Fox Trot (Including: "My Mind's Made Up to Marry Carolina") by Bernie and Baker, Victor Number 18499-B (matrix B-22071) recorded 7/26/1918 (14)

Mary - Fox Trot by Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra, Victor Number 18499-A (matrix B-22077) recorded 7/29/1918 (15)

Rock-a-Bye Baby Fox Trot by Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra, Victor Number 18499-B ( matrix B-22078) recorded 7/29/1918 (15)

Sounds of the Forest (Part 1) by Charles Kellogg (The Nature Singer), Victor Number 55092-A (matrix C-21289) recorded 12/26/1917 (16)

Sounds of the Forest (Part 2) by Charles Kellogg, Victor Number 55092-B (matrix C-21288) recorded 12/26/1917 (17)

Madama Butterfly - Tutti i fior by Frances Alda-Sophie Braslau, Victor Red Seal Record Number 88597 (matrix C-22244) recorded 9/20/1918 (18)

La Boheme -- O soave fanciulla by Frances Alda and Giovanni Martinelli, Victor Red Seal Record Number 88597 (matrix C-22245) recorded 9/20/1918 (19)

Garibaldi's Hymn by Enrico Caruso, Victor Red Seal Record Number 87297 (matrix C-22260) recorded 9/26/1918 (21)

Andante Cantabile by Elman String Quartet, Victor Red Seal Record Number 74575 (matrix C-21497) recorded 3/11/1918 (22)

Hatikva by Alma Gluck and Efrem Zimbalist, Victor Red Seal Record Number 87296 (matrix B-22232) recorded 9/11/1918 (23)

When You Come Back by John McCormack, Victor Red Seal Record Number 64791 (matrix B-22256) recorded 9/25/1918 (24)

Onward Christian Soldiers by Schumann-Heink, Victor Red Seal Record Number 87298 (matrix B-22184) recorded 7/30/1918 (26)


Records often closely followed the release of new sheet music from musicals and popular songs of the day. The first record on the January 1919 Victor New Records list is a good example with its "I Can Always Find Sunshine a Little Sunshine in the Y.M.C.A." from Irving Berlin's 1918 musical review "Yip-Yip-Yaphank."


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