Colleen Murphy

Memories of the Phonograph


By Colleen Murphy (Honorary Friend of the Phonograph)

Colleen Murphy's BBC Sounds Turntable Tales - Berliner to Gramophone released on March 8, 2016 tells the story of the record-playing turntable.

Colleen has also been made an honorary member of Friends of the Phonograph for her wonderful remembrance of her first turntable which she describes near the beginning of this BBC Sounds program by first saying "My first turntable was a life-changer" and then explaining why.

Listen HERE for Colleen's turntable memory and her interviews with John Liffen of the Science Museum and Christopher Proudfoot of the British Phonograph and Gramophone Society about the earliest machines arriving from the United States by way of the German Emigre inventor Emile Berliner - Berliner to Gramophone.

In Berliner to Gramophone, the first of two programmes, "Colleen Murphy spins through its early history and the dramatic take-up of this new technology in Edwardian society. It was an enthusiasm as spectacular as the computer's rise at the end of the same century and its impact on the music industry was profound."