Judy Steffes

Memories of the Phonograph


By Judy Steffes, 2015 and Honorary Friend of the Phonograph


While growing up we had a phonograph in the dining room.

When it was raining (in order to keep us quiet and help maintain her sanity) my mom would put on Peter and the Wolf. We'd listen to Peter's adventures with "Sasha" the bird, "Sonia" the duck, and "Ivan" the cat. We'd sit mesmerized.

Later during my teen years the dining room was headquarters for after-school homework. By then we advanced to a stereo system with turntable, 8 track and cassette player. My sister would crank Sammy Hagar and Billy Squire. She said she needed it loud so she wouldn't be distracted by my 'arm scratching' across the table.

Oh how I miss those teen years and being agitated about everything.

Records in the 1950's could be bought at Plischounigs on Main Street, West Bend, Wisconsin. Note the RCA Records on the front of the store's sign.

Photo courtesy of Washington County Historical Society. Copyright (c) 2015 Judy Steffes. All rights reserved.