Pete McKee*

Memories of the Phonograph


By Pete McKee* (excerpts from McKee's "thudcracklepop" Digital Exhibit)

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The following are some observations by Pete McKee about vinyl, record stores, the life of records, DJs, and music used in his 2021 Thud Crackle Pop Digital Remaster Exhibition.







Visit this on-line exhibit starting from the Pete McKee Homepage to see the wonderful artwork that goes with the topics McKee is talking about in Pete on Record. Prints and other items are available for purchase from the McKee On-line Shop.



*FOTP has made Mr. McKee an honorary Friend of the Phonograph so that his Memories of the Phonograph (Pete on Record) can be viewed in the context of like-minded Phonographians who celebrate and remember the phonograph. His artwork and love for vinyl records and music are obvious. We also know Pete is a Friend of the Phonograph because he asked his friends to identify their Top Ten Favorite Albums (a litmus test of FOTP members) and created artwork using those selections.