1905-1910 Ads

Welcoming the Phonograph into the Home


This gallery features phonograph ads from 1905 to 1910.


Music and words - "The fleeting pleasure is made permanent."

The Edison Phonograph Monthly, April 1905


Edison newspaper ad, The Talking Machine World, November 1905


Everybody's Magazine, December 1905 (PM-0881)


In 1904 and 1905 Edison also devoted much advertising attention to what it called the Phonograph's "Double Service" - as an entertainer and as an educator, i.e., "Amusement and Language Study." See "Double Service 1905" for examples of the calendar displayed each month in Edison's 1905 "Double Service" advertising campaign.


The Edison Phonograph Monthly, May 1904



McClure's Magazine, May 1905



"Hearing is Believing" Victor Talking Machine Company, Munsey's Magazine, 1905


.McClure's Magazine, 1905



Munsey's Magazine, June 1905


Munsey's Magazine, September 1905


Munsey's Magazine, October 1905 (PM-1026)


1906 The Metropolitan Magazine


"The Loftiest Flight of Inventive Genius," American Magazine, February 1906


The Commoner Magazine, April 19, 1907


1907 Harpers Magazine, 6" x 8"


The Red Book, 1906 (PM-0949)


The Review of Reviews Magazine, 1906


Victor Talking Machine Co., 1906 (PM-1365)


Victor Talking Machine Co., 1906


Edison ad for August as seen in Edison Phonograph Monthly, 1907


Columbia Record Catalogue cover, January 1907


John C. Walling ad, Victor & Edison, 1907


The Edison Phonograph Monthly, Edison ads for February 1907


The Edison Phonograph Monthly, Edison ads for September 1907

"Entertainment within reach of all," artwork by J. J. Gould, Colliers, May 1907



The Edison Phonograph, Artwork by Guernsey Moore, 1908


"Their Wedding March," American Magazine, 1908


"Which is which?" October 1908


The Talking Machine World, 1908


"A home without a Victor is a stage without a play." 1908


' A more fascinating entertainer than before..." Artwork by J. J. Gould, 1908


"It will surprise you when you find how quickly we can give deliveries..."

The Talking Machine World, December 15, 1908 - Example of one of many Disclaimers needed for popular culture topics, music and scrapbooks like Phonographia.



An Edison Phonograph on FREE TRIAL, Colliers, February 13, 1909



The Talking Machine World, 1909


Victor - "you can't tell it from the actual human voice!" 1909



"Why the mail was late." The World's Work, 1909


"The Rivals." The World's Work, 1909