Phonograph Advertisements


Pre-1900 Ads


"Looking for the Band"


Artists Inside the Horn"



1900-1905 Ads


Edison's 1905 Double Service Phonograph (1)


1906-1910 Ads





"Which is which?"


The Stage of the World




Shopping for a Phonograph


Massani's The Phonograph

The 1905 Massani painting used by Edison


Edison Tone Tests


Happy Homes - Something for Everyone


Phonograph Billboards and Signs


January 1919 Phonograph Ads



New Victor Records January 1919


"Clear as a Bell" - The Sonora Phonograph


Appealing to the customer's 'human' side


The Victor Book of the Opera





"Advergraphs" - Slogans, Phrases and Logos


The Columbia Twentieth Century Graphophone




Willa Cather's Prototypes Who Were Recording Arists



Victor Historic Audio Advertising by the Victor Company 1896-1907