1910 - 1915

Phonograph Ads in the Early Teens

This gallery features phonograph ads from 1910 to 1915.


"Grand opera at home," Good Housekeeping Magazine, 1910


' A completely concealed graphophone," Scribner's Magazine, January 1910, 6" x 9"


Advertisement in December 1910 by John E. Sheridan (PM-952A & PM-952B)


The First Hornless Graphophone, Munsey's Magazine, October 1911



"Music such as you have never heard before - right in in your home" Scribner's Magazine, 1911




The Columbia Grafonola "Favorite" $50, Scribner's Magazine, 1911



Edison advertisement by J.J. Gould, Success Magazine, May 1911



Advertisement in November 1911 by John E. Sheridan (PM-0952)



Buy tickets for a public recital or buy his record and "hear him in a private recital..." The Independent Magazine, 1912



Opera season is almost over but its masterpieces can still be enjoyed on the Victor-Victrola, Life, April 11, 1912



Columbia dance records "are the best I have heard." Vernon Castle, The Theater Magazine, 1914


"The galaxy of operatic stars and virtuosi who have recorded their matchless art exclusively on Columbia Records for the Columbia Grafonola." The Theater Magazine, 1914