Phonograph advertising slogans, phrases and logos


The following are a few examples of slogans, phrases and logos associated with the phonograph industry. It's another one of the lists of Phonographia that is not intended to be definitive or even original but instead shows how the phonograph was a product that was competing with other products inside and outside of the phonograph industry for attention and consumer dollars.

In 1914 Edison published advertising "suggestions" in his trade magazine The Edison Phonograph Monthly which were called "adver-graphs" and said to provide helpful ideas that might be used in sales-talk and local advertising.


Adver-graphs, Edison Phonograph Monthly, November 1914


Adver-graphs Edison Phonograph Monthly, December 1914


Advergraphs (1), Edison Phonograph Monthly, March 1915


Ultimately the dealers' success was dependent on their product and the advertising of that brand. Like other consumer products, a brand having a memorable advertising phrase or slogan was considered part of phonograph marketing. There were many themes that the phonograph could use to promote the necessity of the phonograph in the home. But a simple and catchy phrase could become its identity and the repetition of slogans and associated images in newspaper and magazine ads was included in the standard marketing formula for the phonograph industry in the United States. "His Master's Voice"; "None genuine without this Trade-Mark"; "Note the Notes"; "Hearing is Believing"; "Clear as a Bell" and many other phrases and associated logos became highly recognizable in daily life and part of popular culture.

It is unknown how much the phonograph's advertising slogans actually contributed to sales but the following are some of those phrases. For the most part the slogans, phrases and logos of these phonograph ads are now artifacts and ephemera of companies that are gone. Advertising slogans, however, have not disappeared, phonographs and records are still made, and the descendent home entertainment technologies dependent on recorded sound continue to display their faith in advertising and its use of slogans and trademarks for marketing in a competitive consumer world.


"Plays all Records - Never Scratches" - Americanola
The Artist in Reality - L'Artiste, 1929
"Baly Records" - Baly Records, 1972
"The Tone That Thrills" - Blue Bird Talking Machine Co. 1919
"All Phonographs in One" - Brunswick 1918
"The Nightingale of Phonographs" - Carola
"The Phonograph with a Personality" - Cardinal 1919
"The Phonograph of the Century" - Century Phonograph 1917
"The longer you play, the sweeter it grows" - Cheney 1922
"The Master Instrument" - Cheney 1922
"Speaks for Itself" - Cleartone Talking Machine - Lucky 7 Phonograph Company 1919
"Note the Notes" - Columbia and Columbia Records
"Note the Notes" - Columbia Graphophone Co., 1916
"The Stage of the World" - Columbia Grafonola 1916
"Hearing is Believing" - Columbia Grafonola 1912
"Crosley Floating Jewel Tone System" - Crosley 1946
The Master Musician" - Da-ven-ola 1919
Duck Records - Duck Records, Ltd., 1983
"Echo All Over the World" - Edison 1899
"Looking for the Band" - Edison 1901
"The Acme of Realism" - Edison 1901
"The Phonograph with a Soul" Edison 1916
"The Machine that Plays any Record" - Empire Phonograph Company
"Hear that Tone" - Fuehr & Stemmer Phonograph
"The FORD of Phonograph world" - KOCH-O-PHONE
"Leads them all" - Keen-o-phone 1911
"Nothing But Class" - Lampagraph
"Never Scratches" - Lyric Records
"Speaks for Itself" - Mag-Ni-Phone
"The Music Without the Blur!" - Magnola 1918
"Built by Tone Specialists" - Magnola 1918
"Magnola's Tone Deflector eliminates the scratch" - Magnola 1918
"The Music Master of Phonographs" - Manograph
"3-Dimension Vita-Tone" - Motorola Phonograph Radio 1941
"Golden Voice" High-Fidelity System" - Motorola Hi-Fi Tone 1953
"Sings Its Own Praises" - Nightingale Mfg. Co., 1916
"Pathé is Supreme" "Costs No More than the Ordinary Phonograph" - Pathé 1920
"Music on a Beam of Light" - Philco Radio-Phonograph 1941
"The Talking Machine With a Soul" - Ramosola Phonographs 1919
"The Golden Throat" Tone System - RCA Victor 1947
"The RCA Service Man" - The RCA Service Man character trademark, 1947
"The Silent-Sapphire" pickup - RCA Victor, 1947
The Victrola®45 complete automatic phonograph - RCA Victor, 1953
"Clear as a Bell" - Sonora
"The Instrument of Quality" - Sonora
"The Highest Class Talking Machine in the World" - Sonora
"My Partner" - Southern California Music Company Trademark
"The Singing Throat of the Starr Phonograph" - Starr Phonograph, 1915
The Sign of the Starr Store - Starr Phonograph 1916
"The Finest Reproducing Phonograph in the World" - Steger
"Known for Tone" - Stradavira
"CHAT" - The Tea Tray Company's Little Representative (Makers of Horns and Horn Cranes)
The real "Music-Makers" - Theiryola 1917
"His Master's Voice" - Victor Talking Machine Company
"Victor Supremacy" - Victor Talking Machine Company
"Victrola" - Victor Talking Machine Company
"The Phonograph of Marvelous Tone" - Vitanola 1919
"Plays ALL Records - Natural as Life" - Vitanola 1919
'Super-Fidelis' record changer with Siesta-Matic - "V-M High-Fidelity 1956
"None Better" - Yankee Prince made by O'Neil James Co., Chicago 1904
Cobra Tone Arm - records play via Radionic wave - Zenith 1946
"World's Fastest Record Changer" - Zenith 1946
"Silent-Speed" record changer - Zenith 1946
"Floating Filament" rides lightest on the record - Zenith 1946
"Charming" - Jame I. Lyons, Edison Jobber, Zonophone Distributor, 1908
"On Speaking Terms" - Zon-o-phone, October 1905




"The Singing Throat of the Starr Phonograph," The Talking Machine World, 1915


The Sonora Phonograph was known by its Sonora Bell logo and the phrase "Clear as a Bell'

Other slogans included "The Instrument of Quality" and "The Highest Class Talking Machine in the World"


"The Music Without the Blur!"

The Talking Machine World, June 15, 1918


"Looking for the Band" - "The Acme of Realism" - Edison Advertising Form No. 410, circa 1901


"The Acme of Realism" Edison poster



"His Master's Voice" Victor Talking Machine Co.


RCA magazine advertisement, 1946


"The Victrola - The most famous musical instrument in the world" The Ladies' Home Journal, October 1919


Victrola 1921


Lucky 7 Phonograph Company, The Talking Machine World, May 15, 1919


Lyric Records "Never Scratches," The Talking Machine World, June 15, 1918


Empire Talking Machine Company, The Talking Machine World, May 15, 1919


"All Phonographs in One," Photoplay Magazine, January 1918



Sales Pamphlet courtesy


Steger Phonographs are an example of piano company's making phonographs - "If it's a Steger--It's the most valuable piano in the world."


Vitanola - "The Phonograph of Marvelous Tone" - November 8, 1919


"The Artist in Reality" - L'Artiste, 1929



Motorola 3-Dimension Vita-Tone, The Saturday Evening Post, October 25, 1941


The Crosley "Floating Jewel® Tone System" - Crosley Radio-Phonograph, Ads L-R 1946 and 1945


Zenith Record-Playing Radios, 1946


RCA Victor - "The Golden Throat" Tone System with the "Silent Sapphire" pickup - 1947


The "Victrola®"45 complete automatic phonograph - RCA Victor -1953


Pathé is Supreme - Costs No More Than the Ordinary Phonograph 1920.






"The Phonograph with a Personality" - Cardinal - The Talking Machine World, September 1919




"Hearing is Believing" - Columbia Grafonola, Cosmopolitan, 1912


"The Tone That Thrills" - 1920

Blue Bird ad from Buffalo Courier, November 14, 1920 (Courtesy The78rpmrecordspins)


"Note the Notes" - The Talking Machine World, November 1916.


The Sign of the Starr Store - The Talking Machine World, November 1916


"My Partner," Talking Machine World, April 15, 1908

"Charming," Talking Machine World, April 15, 1908


"The longer you play it, the sweeter it grows" - The Cheney The Master Instrument, 1922


"The Talking Machine With a Soul," The Talking Machine World, June 15, 1918



"Known for Tone", Stradivara, The Talking Machine World. July 1919


"CHAT" -- The Tea Tray Company's "Little Representative," The Talking Machine World, January 1907


Postcard advertisement for Voice of Music Record Player with 4-speed 'Super-Fidelis' record changer with Siesta-Matic.

V-M 1280 Record Player introduced in 1956



"The RCA Service Man" (2) RCA Industrial Music Service, Camden, NJ - Music Services c. 1947 (2)


Duck Records Ltd., London, England - Phonograph records and tapes, 1983 (3)


Baly Records Ltd., North Hollywood, California, 1972 - Records (4)