Character Trademarks by John Mendenhall Copyright 1990 by John Mendenhall.

Chronicle Books - San Francisco


From John Mendenhall's Introduction:

We all have our favorite character trademarks, which conjure in our minds pleasant associations or fond memories from our youth. The character I recall best is Nipper, the RCA dog who sat patiently in front of the gramophone listening to his master's voice. A huge, three-dimensional version of him used to perch atop a shelf in my hometown record shop, where I went as a kid just about every Saturday to preview the latest 45rpms in a soundproof listening booth. I still can see the owner of the store, an elderly gentlemen in a suit and bow tie, gingerly placing records on the store's turntable. He always seemed oblivious to the giant fox terrier above him, peering quizzically into the giant horn.



Those days, and the record shop, are gone forever. Even the RCA corporation has ceased to exist. Only Nipper remains, a trademark for a conglomerate now owned by the General Electric Company. Some may consider him hopelessly outdated, yet something has to be said for a dog who survives over seventy years, while all else changes so dramatically around him.