A Gravestone Made of Wheat by Will Weaver, Greywolf Press, Simon & Schuster, 1989

This book by Will Weaver was the inspiration for the movie Sweet Land. The movie has many phonograph scenes since Inge brought her Victor Talking Machine with her from Norway which in the movie she held as she waited outside the train station for Olaf. When Olaf continued to be late she went inside the station with her Victor until Olaf picked her up.


In the book, when Olaf does arrive at the railroad station there was no gramophone. In one hand Inge "clutched a canvas suitcase, and in the other, Olaf's cedar shingle."

A Gravestone Made of Wheat, p. 19


In fact, there aren't any phonograph scenes in the A Gravestone Made of Wheat and music references in the book are for radios and music heard on radios.

There is, however, one phonograph connection in the book which describes words and the tone of a voice as sounding "like a record repeating" (a.k.a. "you sound like a broken record").

A Gravestone Made of Wheat, p. 44

Nevertheless, with it's strong connections to the movie Sweet Land, Friends of the Phonograph have added A Gravestone Made of Wheat to the Phonographia's PhonoLiterature Library.

See Sweet Land for some of its movie reviews, phonograph connections and movie stills.


Inge's Background, Arrival and Post-World War I Challenges for German Americans

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The Phonograph Connection

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Radio and Radio Music References



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Inge and Olaf in the field of their farm, Sweet Land, 2005, LaSalle Holland Productions