Literature with Phonograph Connections


By Doug Boilesen 2012

Phonographia are popular culture connections with the phonograph.

This gallery is a library of books, poetry, plays, 'sketches,' and short stories, each with at least one phonograph in its creative written work.


"Get up! The phonograph is here!"


"a live the Land of Oz"





Tea Rex by Molly Idle



Curious George Goes to the Hospital



One of Ours by Willa Cather, 1922







Scandal and A Gold Slipper by Willa Cather, (Youth and the Bright Medusa) 1920


The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather 1915



Coming, Aphrodite! by Willa Cather, (Youth and the Bright Medusa) 1920



Another Adventure of Elsie and the Bunny



The Phonograph of Jean Bouvet by Henry S. Kingwell and written for the Talking Machine World, 1915



Poems by Jake Adam York



Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, 2014


The Phonograph and the Graft by O. Henry McClure's Magazine, February 1903



The Jukebox Man


Good Night Sesame Street



What Happened To Mary, Episodes I and VII, August 1912 and January 1913



Dead Musicians poem by Siegfried Sassoon


The Phonograph Witness. A Drama in Five Acts by George W. Hill, 1883


Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories, 1971


The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot, 1922


Jules Verne, 1879



The Castle of the Carpathians by Jules Verne, 1892



Le Courrier Veritable, 1632 pamphlet - 19th Century Engraving


How among the frozen words Pantagruel found some odd ones, by Francois Rabelais, 1653



Round the Fire: VIII The Story of the Japanned Box, by A. Conan Doyle, 1899



With the Eyes Shut by Edward Bellamy, October 1889


That Voice

A Phonograph related romance as it appeared in The Red Cloud Chief newspaper on June 20, 1878



Mr. Openeer's Christmas, The Phonoscope, November 1899


Love and the Phonograph

Cynthia's romance and the Phonograph as it appeared in The Phonoscope, March 1899


The Phonogram, June 1900


How We Gave a Phonograph Party

The Phonoscope,1899


The Phonograph in Country Towns

The Phonogram, October 1891



The Fateful Phonograph: Or, The Younger Brother's Revenge

From the Chicago Tribune as seen in The Red Cloud Chief p. 2, January 29, 1880


Newspaper image provided by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, Lincoln, NE



The Valentines' Victrola, 1919


The Magic of Melody by Edgar March - Maclean's Magazine, August 15, 1933


The Machine Stops by E. M. Forster, 1909


Black Hole Blues by Janna Levin, 2016


The Revenge of Analog


The Phonograph Girls

The Phonograph Girls and Columbia's Twentieth Century Phonograph, The Talking Machine World, 1906


No Escape from Black Holes? by Dennis Overbye - The New York Times June 6, 2016


The Hurdy Gurdy Girl, a musical comedy by Richard Carle, 1907


The Girl He Left Behind Him

The Girl He Left Behind Him by Howard Taylor, The Talking Machine World, 1906


Needledee and Needledum

A Funnigraph Record by Peter Newell, The Ladies’ World, April-May 1914.


The Boys' Own Phonograph

by John Lewees, St. Nicholas magazine, January 1880



Kitchen Disco by Foges and Murphy, 2017 A Faber Picture Book


"Columbia and Victor" - A Vaudeville Act, 1918


The Big Book of Time



Time Travel to 1877


Love letters to Albums




Just Imagine




"Fair Fiction" PhonoLiterature (2)

Samantha at the World's Fair by Josiah Allen's Wife,1893



The City of Wonders Souvenir of the World's Fair by Mary Catherine Crowley, 1894


The Adventures of Uncle Jeremiah and Family at the Great Fair, by Charles McCellan Stevens, 1893


The Century World's Fair Book for Boys and Girls by Tudor Jenks, 1893



The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, 2003


Love and Other Consolation Prizes - Seattle World's Fairs 1909 and 1962


Welcome to Samantha's World 1904






The Phonograph in 1614 - The Phonogram, February 1892

The Tables Turned - Harper's Young People December 5, 1893

The Talking Machine World, March 1923

The Talking Machine World, October 1923

The Talking Machine World, April 1923