Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford

Published by Ballantine Books, New York Copyright 2017


The following scene is from 1910 and although it is the only reference to a phonograph in the book it is interesting for its role in being part of the atmosphere of the finest Seattle dress shop where a tailor at J. A. Baillargeon's would personnally take care of Maisie with instructions for her new dress to be only the finest. "Let's begin this little adventure of ours" said the tailor.

Ernest sat on a tall stool and watched as the tailor put a shellac record on a windup Victrola, playing an Italian ballad. Maisie was offered a cup of English tea with milk and honey as the slender man discussed her preferences. Then the real work began as she stood on a platform and was measured in every way imaginable. Ernest looked on as Maisie disappeared behind a large Coromandel screen, followed by a trio of seamstresses, who attended to her like a flock of fairy godmothers. p. 209