The Christmas Secret

by David Delamare ©1991 - Green Tiger Press


When a great storm approaches Richardson's village he realizes there is a problem.

Richardson shares the problem of the upcoming storm with his friend Tag, a descendant of the attic mice, and explains that if Santa isn't able to get through there will be no toys for the children.

Richardson is a master toymaker/ex-navigator and decides he will make presents for all of the children in the village. He then tells his secret to Tag that he will be the substitute Santa and deliver all of the presents that he will make.



In order to get enough money to buy the supplies for making those presents Richardson must sell his "beloved phonograph."

Since Richardson owned the only phonograph in the village and since the two greedy pigs who run the Emporium had always wanted that prized machine Richardson was able to get top dollar.



Richardson is successful in delivering all of the toys and returns home, awaking much later that morning after a good night's sleep and thought he could music -- "probably the pigs trying out the phonograph."

Richardson then realizes that he wasn't in his own room, and not panicing, he quietly followed the sound of the music. He then drew back a heavy curtain. He realizes it's Santa's phonograph that is playing as Santa welcomes him to the North Pole and offers him a job.

"I need a good man to help me," says Santa.

"You'd live here with us, of course," added Santa. Richardson looked around the cozy room--at the big bookcase stuffed with books, the blazing fire, and at the phonograph."

Richardson decides to stay at the North Pole and help Santa but he knows he must send a letter to Tag so that he doesn't worry that he has disappeared.

Richardson writes the letter telling Tag of his new job and that he will be delivering a very special present to Tag next year -- "But no one else is to know anything about this, Tag: it'll be our secret."

At the next Christmas Tag gets a specially carved rocking horse. And under its chin an inscription in neat letters said: "To Tag from Richardson, for keeping the Christmas Secret."