The Rocket Book by Peter Newell

New York : Harper & Brothers, c1912



Summary - “The Rocket Book” by Peter Newell, an important American illustrator, published in 1912. The upward progress of a rocket, lit in the basement by the janitor's son, causes some strange situations as it passes through twenty floors of apartments.

Take a look and enjoy the way the rocket, set off by young Fritz in the basement of a building, travels up through the many different apartments on the floors above. “The book has a hole in every one of the pages where the rocket bursts a hole through the floor,” said Lee Ann Potter, the director of the learning and innovation office at the Library of Congress. “It’s so tactile and yet so old.”

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The highlight of this book for Friends of the Phonograph is when the rocket goes through the 11th floor of the building which has a phonograph in the room. "I never heard that record played before."



Newell, Peter, and Juvenile Collection. The Rocket Book. New York: Harper & Brothers, . Patterson Gift, 1912. Retrieved from Library of Congress Pdf.





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Courtesy of The Library of Congress




When suddenly the rocket, hot,

The old piano jumbled!

It stopped that rag-time like a shot,

Then through the ceiling rumbled.