Edison Museum

Beaumont, Texas

Memories of the Phonograph


This is a small museum in Beaumont, Texas featuring a few of Thomas Edison's inventions with a focus on electricity and the light bulb as this museum is located in an old substation. There are a few phonographs and a recreated coin-in-the-slot arcade machine where three selections can be made. Also an interesting recreated Kinetoscope.








Display for listening to Edison recordings in a psuedo Edison Coin-in-the-Slot Phonograph case



Recreated Kinetoscope





From their website:

The Edison Museum

Located in Beaumont, Texas, the museum is dedicated to Thomas Alva Edison and his inventions and innovations, the museum interprets Edison through interactive exhibits while using more than 60 historic objects. The museum offers visitors insight into Thomas A. Edison - America's Greatest Inventor.

The museum is housed in the historic Travis Street Substation building. We have more than 1,400 artifacts in our growing study collection and an expanding reference library. The museum is the only facility of it's kind west of the Mississippi River.