Museum of Sound Discovery

Saint-Fargeau, France

Memories of the Phonograph


"The Museum of Sound Discovery was founded in 1994 following a donation by Mr. Armand Nogues, a local industrialist and former mayor of the commune.

Located in an old Saint-Fargeau convent, the museum is now considered one of the richest collections of mechanical musical instruments, phonographs and radios in Europe.


From the first sound recording experiments at the end of the 19th century to the transistors of the 1960s, this visit will take you through a thematic, chronological and unforgettably musical journey of discovery!"

Go to their website to download and take their tour of 17 stops. Many of the machines in the collection are Pathé.

This overview and photos are courtesy of The Museum of Sound Discovery.



Studio 2 - The Edison Room



The Edison Class M Phonograph - Tour Stop 4




"Monarch" Series Gramophones - Tour Stop 6



Pathé Brothers Company



'Ménestrel" by Pathé




Studio 1 - The Sixties