The Music House Museum

Memories of the Phonograph


The Music House Museum has a collection of restored antique musical instruments, early radios, and recordings. Located in Williamsburg, Michigan just north of Traverse City, Michigan its "collection of instruments provides guests with a walk through the history, artistry and engineering of automated music."

"It has early one-of-a-kind restored automated musical instruments, player pianos, music boxes, keyboard instruments, a mechanical violin, antique radios, vinyl phonograph records, and printed music." - Wikipedia

"The jewel of the Museumís mechanical instrument collection is the 1922 Theofiel Mortier Dance Organ called the ďAmaryllis" (see below). But for Friends of the Phonograph there are also nice examples of phonographs and jukeboxes.


Photo courtesy of By H. Michael Miley from Schaumburg, USA - The Amaryllis, CC BY-SA 2.0,


Photograph Courtesy Music House Museum




Columbia Graphophones






Photograph Courtesy Music House Museum




Photograph Courtesy Music House Museum




1939 Rock-ola Jukebox, Courtesy Music House Museum





Wurlitzer Jukebox, Courtesy Music House Museum





"The Music House Museum is located on the central property of the historic Stiffler Family farm. The land was cleared and settled in the early 1880s. The former dairy barn now houses the main collections."





Watch this Music House Short Tour of the Museum House Museum (including early Edison and Berliner models and "the chronological evolution of the unamplified phonograph from Victrolas to Edison Diamond Disc and specialty cabinets..."