Shops of Glasgow in the 1930's - Riverside Museum


Doug Boilesen 2023

Although there are no phonographs, the cobble-stoned Glasgow Street with its shops from the 1890's to the late 1930's make the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Scotland a must see. The interactive kiosks within those shops provide stories about the owners, families and patrons of the businesses, and glimpses of Glasgow life a century ago.

Since my first visit as a child to the circa 1900 street recreated at the Museum of Science of Industry in Chicago I've been fascinated by period rooms and streets. They always give me the semblence of another era and a hint of time travel.

After entering Giovanni Togneri's Le Rendezvous Café on the 1930's Glasgow street it seemed that if I sat in one of the booths I should be able to enjoy his ice cream as if it was 1930.