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Moscow, Russia

Memories of the Phonograph





On-line photographs of individual machines can be seen at Recording and Playback Devices under the categories Phonographs, Gramophones and Jukeboxes.

The following is a sample from each category.













The highlight of the Museum COLLECTION is a unique fund of rare sound records: it cares for over 20 000 different music storage devices. The collection holds almost all kinds of audio media of the past, including musical data perforated paper rolls, wax cylinders for phonographs, shellac gramophone records, related to the beginning of the XXth century, paper perforated discs, metal discs and contemporary vinyl records.



The Museum Collection was founded thanks to Russian businessman and patron of arts David Iakobachvili. Over 15 years were spent putting together the museum’s invaluable collection of art, its sorting and restoration; design and construction of the museum building.

The starting point of the Museum's creation can be considered the acquaintance of David Iakobachvili and the Swedish businessperson Bill Lindvall, keen on collecting antique musical mechanical instruments. Having met in the early 1990s on business, they eventually became good friends.

Collection of musical mechanics that Lindwall had been carefully aggregating for forty years, numbered about 460 items. Sometimes when the weather was fine, Bill used to go out for a walk to the Stockholm central square to twist the crank of the barrel organ, cheering the citizens' hearts with the sounds of old tunes.

In the 2000th year, being seriously ill, Bill offered his friend to buy the collection and establish the museum.


The following photographs come from a Moscow exhibit promoted as Moscow’s first House of Vintage Music which opened at VDNKh exhibition centre’s Pavilion 84a in mid-April 2017. Its collection included more than 500 retro record players such as gramophones, phonographs, radio receivers, radiograms, and juke boxes. (1)

It is not known if these phonographs later became part of the MUSEUM COLLECTION which opened in 2019.