The Axel and Betty Legacy Exhibit

In honor of Axel and Betty Boilesen


Welcome to this display of Phonographs in honor of Axel and Betty Boilesen.

Axel and Betty were married in Cotesfield, Nebraska on August 25, 1946 and their wedding song was ALWAYS. They lived in Lincoln all of their married lives.

Betty had many friends and she loved to talk about her family and her Nebraska heritage. You can read Betty's childhood memory of the Phonograph and other Betty stories by clicking HERE.

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Massani's 1905 oil painting "The Phonograph" (1)



Dad (Axel) and I went to many auctions and garage sales over the years and I'm sure my mother always wondered what we might bring home. We never pursued rare machines and the collection on display is modest. But ironically, there was one acquisition that proved to be noteworthy and go beyond the world of phonographs.

In the late 1970's we started celebrating the Phonograph's birthday and it became a December 6th annual event.

Inspired by the Phonograph, birthday presents over the years from Friends of the Phonograph provided some surprises. Pottery shaped like a record, a phonograph inspired tapestry, a "Mary had a little Lamb" needlepoint sampler. And I mention the phonograph birthday presents here because one of those creations was a staged photograph of my parents in Massani's painting "The Phonograph" a.k.a. "The Old Couple" (see above) which Edison had used as his advertising answer to Victor's popular Nipper tilting his head to hear his master's voice.

That photograph of my parents continues to make December 6th memorable beyond the anniversary of the 'birth' of Edison's Phonograph.

I know how fortunate I was to have parents who supported my collecting interests, and who enjoyed the journey.

In short, it was all good.

Doug Boilesen August 25, 2006



Axel and Betty, August 25, 1946


Axel and Betty, August 25, 1996


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