Navigating Phonographia

Images at the top of any page return user to its respective Menu


To locate a piece of phonographia follow this sequence of questions:

Does it have something to do with Phonograph advertising?

Yes, then start with PhonoAds which contain phonograph advertisements organized by time period or advertising theme.


Is it art related to the phonograph, e.g., art in museums, illustrations in books, paper ephemera or other non-phonograph related ads?

Yes, go to PhonoArt



Is it a fact related to the Phonograph?

Yes, go to Factolas which contain popular culture phonograph connections and facts about the phonograph with a specific gallery for record and album cover factolas.



Is it a personal phonograph related memory by a Friend of the Phonograph?

Yes, go to Friends of the Phonograph - Memories of the Phonograph


Is it a museum, exhibit or on-line Phonograph Collection?

Yes, go to Friends of the Phonograph - Phonographs on Display Menu



Is it a phonograph related resource, e.g., society, library, archive, discography, etc.?
Yes, go to Friends of the Phonograph - Phonograph Related Resources



Is it a Friends of the Phonograph celebration, list or a FOTP created reference material

Yes, go to Friends of the Phonograph - FOTP Celebrations, Lists and Reference Material



Is it a multi-media presentation about the phonograph or one that uses recordings to accompany magic lantern slides, silent movies, etc.?

Yes, go to Phono-Multi-Media



The Table of Contents lists all Phonographia pages by Gallery.





To search for a specific phonographia gallery go to the Table of Contents and use your web browser's "Find" tool or (CTRL+ F) for a word you associate with its topic.

To search for a story by a Friend of the Phonograph go to Memories of the Phonograph and use your web brower's "Find" tool to locate that Friend of the Phonograph or author's name.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad the hyperlinks may have an issue when using BACK button to return the location the link was initiated from. See iPad Back Button for related information.